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SLUS-00924 / 1002234.221.US


 A space flight simulation game released by Activision in 2000 for the PlayStation 1 console

Stardate 54101.02; It's the 24th Century: Borg vessels are rapidly approaching near space, Romulans are suddenly attacking Federation vessels and a repected Starfleet Captain has turned renegade, taking his ship with him! As a hotshot pilot in the elite Red Squad tactical strike force, under the commant of Lt. Commander Worf, you must uncover the plot behind this deadly pattern of events and fight back to save the universe from a doomsday scenario. Flying a prototype single seat combat fighter, codenamed "Valkrie", you and your squad members are in for the fight of your lives...

The game disc has some scuffs, but no scratches or gouges

The case is damaged and missing the top grip and the manual is ripped apart and missing the back page


1 in stock at 4 Queens Ave., Leamington, ON (Phone # 519-977-5000)

  • SLUS-00924 / 1002234.221.US
  • Used
  • 1 in stock at 4 Queens Ave., Leamington, ON (Phone # 519-977-5000)
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