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Jade Cocoon




  • Sony
  • Jade Cocoon
  • Gently Used
  • 5876 Tecumseh Rd. E., Windsor, Ontario (Phone # 519-977-5000)
  • Estimated within 2-8 business day
  • With in 7 days in the condition it was shipped receives a full refund. Buyer pays for the return shipping.
  • Canada, United States
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I have contacted eBay regarding this ongoing issue. They may have found the problem, and will be reaching out to you to resolve it. This will be my last attempt to complete this purchase. I hope you understand my frustration. I look forward to a positive conclusion to this transaction. Thank you.

Store Response: Sorry for the confusion. Why don't you just commit to pay send me the address you want it sent to and we will issue a invoice with shipping to you through ebay and once we receive payment we will ship to the address you send us. Thanks


Here is the address to refer to on the invoice. John Canon / David Canon 7915 Adams Way Buena Park, CA. 90620 TrukTuff@gmail.com

Store Response: Okay once we receive payment we will ship it out


In my frustration over the address issue, I have purchased an identical item through Amazon. Should we find a resolution to the issues with this purchase, I will honor my "Buy-it-Now" pledge, and complete this purchase as well. I await your response. Thank you.

Store Response: I apologize but I'm not sure of what the issue is with the address. I can send another invoice to which ever address you choose. If you still would like to buy this item then please reply with the correct shipping address and I'll send out an invoice immediately. Thank you


I was attempting to pay for this item, but was prompted by eBay to message you regarding shipping? I am an "Over-the-Road" truck driver, but I'm purchasing this for my son. I have already added his address to my eBay account, to have it shipped there. The address is as follows: David Canon 7915 Adams Way Buena Park, CA. 90620-3906 Phone # 714-213-0294 I can be reached at: 714-414-2941 should you have any questions or concerns. Thank you.

Store Response: Good Morning Unfortunately we only ship to the address that is verified by paypal.

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