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No Tail Fin, W/ Instructions & Tech Spec


No Tail Fin, W/ Instructions & Tech Spec

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Hi,G1 or reissue?

Store Response: It is G1, it is missing the tail fin piece. Some sticker wear. Joints are good.


Can you confirm me the condition please... any information you think is important to notice, because there’s no description... for exemple can you tell me if the joints are still stiff, is there any broken parts, is the figure is complete with all accessories... Thanks for your return Dan

Store Response: As stated in the ad, the tail fin piece is missing. He has the gun and tanker shield piece. The joints are good and tight, the left arm is a bit lose but still holds a pose. It has its instructions and tech spec card. There is some sticker wear. I\d say they are about a 6/10 condition. There are stickers missing in jet mode along the fuselage.

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