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A third-person shooter released by Konami in 1997 on the PlayStation 1 console

Enter the dark, mysterious 4D world of action and adventure. Bruce Campbell is the voice of the main character Jake Burton, explosves expert. Talk to characters and choose your attitude with over 95 minutes of interactive voice dialog. Explore over 1,600,000 virtual square feet in an interactive 4D world. Go where you want when you want with non-linear story themes. Become the leader of a marine platoon, join the scientists in struggle of good vs evil, become an alien warror, or follow mission objectives

There is 2 cracks in the front of the case, but the game disc is in great shape with no scuffs, scratches or gouges


1 in stock at 4 Queens Ave., Leamington, ON (Phone # 519-977-5000)

  • SLUS-00289
  • Gently Used
  • 1 in stock at 4 Queens Ave., Leamington, ON (Phone # 519-977-5000)
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