5 Easy Ways to Test if Your Jewellery is Gold or Silver

  • Posted By: Avenue Shop Swap & Sell
  • August 27th, 2019

5 Easy Ways to Test if Your Jewellery is Gold or Silver


     Whether it is being brought in to be sold, pawned or appraised, jewellery is something our employees work with everyday. Typically all Avenue locations only take in jewellery that has precious metals, like gold or silver. A common problem our customers run into is finding out that their jewellery is not gold or silver as they had believed. All Avenue employees are trained to test these precious metals and are happy to help you with any inquiries. Alternatively, here are a few ways you can test your jewellery from home to know before you come in.


  1. Magnet Test. The easiest and fastest way to find out if your jewellery is not a precious metal is to pass a magnet by it. If it attracts the magnet, it is not gold or silver, as they are not magnetic metals  (the exception being the clasp on chains or necklaces). If the jewellery does not attract, you can move on to another test.

  2. Stamp Test. Most pieces of gold jewellery will have the karat of gold stamped (i.e. 10k or 417,14k or 585, 18k or 750,) as well as a manufacturers stamp. For silver normally it will be stamped with the numbers .800,  .925, or .999 or the word sterling.

  3. Skin Discoloration Test. If you find that while wearing the jewellery your skin experiences any discolouration, it is not real gold or silver.

  4. Rust and Float Test. Check your jewellery for any signs of rust, real gold  does not rust. For gold specifically, put your jewellery in a container of water, if it floats it is not gold. Gold is very dense, therefore has more weight, and will sink.

  5. Acid Test. Take a scratch pad and use your jewellery to make an impression. Drop a small amount of Nitric Acid on the impression, if the impression turns green or disappears it is not real. Use caution and be safe you are using acid, do not ingest it and if it gets on your hands, wash them immediately. 


Bonus tip: if you have any questions, feel free to visit any of our four locations in Windsor and Leamington. Or you can reach us by email avenuepawn@gmail.com, call us 1 (866) 421-7711, or find us on Facebook at @ShopAPB.